BrandThe Halo approach focuses on how people think and feel, which makes it ideal for assessing the relationship between brand and customer.

Background: Our client had recently acquired a chain of outlets, applying a new brand and service offer throughout
Organisation: A major player in its industry with 50 years’ experience
Sector:  Retail
Challenge:  To evaluate the success of a rebranding exercise, advising on areas for improvement
Halo analysis: Under previous owners, the outlets had coasted for some time. A rigorous assessment of customer and staff perceptions was vital to gauge the effect of the changes
Halo solution: Several thousand individual interviews nationwide, backed up by a robust programme of service measurement, provided detailed feedback on the new branding
Results: Our findings highlighted aspects where the already successful formula could be further optimised. Three years later we remain closely involved and the brand now commands significant market share, having quadrupled in size