Halo Online

Halo Online allows our clients to check their service delivery in real time to ensure they deliver a better and more consistent customer experience each time, every time.

Since 2010, over 30000 service users have completed a Halo Online survey and helped their service providers understand how well they are delivering their service, and giving them all the information they need to fix any issues.

It’s straight forward to use as we provide the research expertise, which offers the reassurance to customers that it’s independent. The powerful on-line management reporting provides real-time insights into the views of service users enabling clients to make better decision-making around service improvements.

The key features of Halo Online are:

  • Straightforward reporting
  • Independent and confidential validation of the service delivery
  • Web based and externally hosted
  • Service escalation facility – Red Flagging
  • Capability to collect data through mobile and tablet devices
  • Can be linked to existing workflow systems for more in depth reporting

The system has already been used by global businesses who are leaders in their field.

The benefits our clients are realising include:

  • Ability to respond to service issues more quickly than ever before
  • Helped identify customer service and skills training needs
  • Improved customer insight and management information
  • Increased customer satisfaction and client retention
  • Highlighted where business processes needed to be changed

To take a look at the Halo Online tool go to: The Survey To access a report use: The Report, the passcode is ‘peter’