We specialise in helping service-based organisations. Our simple but effective approach analyses the benefits they deliver to customers and checks whether their people are working towards common goals. We do this in three stages:

1. We listen and learn about the organisation, its objectives and customers.

2. We formulate our findings into a proposal to strengthen the organisation’s relationship with its customers, staff and stakeholders. (We call this its ‘halo’.)

3. We work alongside the organisation to implement the agreed plan, using a range of proven tools and techniques to burnish that halo.

To this we add the insight gleaned from working with some of the world’s biggest groups, many of them now market leaders. This blend of analytical rigour and expertise makes us a safe pair of hands.

We operate across five main disciplines: performance measurement, branding, researchsystems, and  consultancy. You’ll find a short case study by clicking on each one.