Performance measurementsMeasurement is a powerful tool for guiding people’s behaviour, which is why an organisation must have the right performance measures in place to achieve its objectives.

Background: Our client joined as Managing Director of a business looking to expand, but the company faced difficulties at customer level and needed to improve profitability
Organisation: A division of a publicly quoted, globally renowned group
Sector:  Infrastructure services
Challenge:  To grow a business suffering from poor service levels and low margins
Halo analysis: The organisation lacked a common culture and needed to unite around shared values and goals relevant to all
Halo solution: We used research to establish the organisation’s core values and developed a measurement programme to support these and the corporate goals. Central to this was a bespoke software tool to measure customer experience (see the Systems case study)
Results: After seven years of using our methodology, turnover quadrupled to over £1bn. The customer experience has improved dramatically and trust levels have more than doubled among clients