Top Trends for 2017


Last year, saw a backlash against establishment in two key elections.  Looking at the findings we have had over the last couple of years this was not surprising but how is this feeling likely to play out in the next few years?

Trend One – Trust is King (and Queen)

If there is trust then everything is possible. Without it, there are inefficiencies, upsets and gaps.  A lack of trust drives the worst types of behaviours; over managing, insecurity and lack of drive.  To deliver trust consistently, organisations need to understand what trust looks like, measure it and make it a priority.  Once understood and delivered, trust is one of the most straightforward ways to deliver a service and to run an organisation.

As a rule, if an organisation, management team and individual all do what they say they are going to do most of the time, then trust is a given.  The reasons most people do not do this tend to be process orientated.  So it is vital that a management team check their processes to ensure they are not getting in the way of delivery by the services team and if they are not and people are still not delivering then the core purpose of the organisation needs to be looked at.  This is what happened in the EU election in particular, the trust in the overall purpose of the EU was not there in large sections of the population.  In an organisation it is vital that what an organisation says it can deliver, it can.

Trend Two – Forget the whole and you will find a hole

My take on why the establishment were so up ended last year was because they thought that focussing on one or two things would make a stronger message.  They stuck to this, even when it became apparent it was not working for their campaign.  I have seen this applied in organisations frequently, and it doesn’t work.  Humans are smart, they are contextual and they feel things. This means that when they are involved in something (like working for you) they will spot nuances and feel the temperature so “spinning” something doesn’t work.  It might have done in the past, but there was more conditioning to follow a “norm” this only happens when there is high trust and what we know is that trust is on loan and in short supply in many places.

Organisations need to look and think holistically or Halo, as I would say.  That is look at the whole and work back from there to fix processes and build trust.  Those who go for the detail first, and try to micro manage will be more likely to fail.

Trend Three – Loyalty is on loan and the due date has arrived

Some people are naturally loyal and most people are happier when they feel a sense of belonging. However, for many people this loyalty has been stretched beyond a point where there is any give in it at all and this means that the resilience of organisations are being tested.  We are likely to see more industrial unrest than we have for many years and organisations are going to need to be smart to keep their teams on side. Engagement is not the key organisations thought it was, and those who have spent too long focussed on this are likely to need to re-think their strategies. Focus instead on sparking joy in those who work together, building and maintaining trust, loyalty and stability.  It is likely that workers are going to be given greater rights in decision making over the next ten years, so building the bridge between your teams and management will be more vital than ever.  Be a leader not a follower in this and your organisation will be in better shape and ready for the opportunities which are coming.

And Finally …

This year is going to be very good for organisations that are up for the challenge of building organisations who are open and cheerful.  It is going to be interesting to see how the changes brought about by the voters in 2016 play out, and after twenty three years in business, here at Halo we are up for the challenge and looking forward to 2017.