Measure For Success


I remember a conversation I had with a senior manager in the company I was working at in the early 1990’s who was clear that as we had the word ‘service’ in our department title,  we were the only people in the business who should be talking to customers. How someone can separate their role and the work they do from delivering service may be difficult to comprehend nowadays, but have these views really changed that much?

 There is more service measurement than ever before, and technology has certainly played a major part in making it easier than ever to acquire numbers for customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, but why, if these are working so well, do so many organisations still struggle with their service?

Of course, there are a myriad of reasons why, and people being people don’t always get things right every time, but in our experience there are three key factors why:

  • organisations focus on the wrong measures, they will often be just the easiest ones to monitor
  • these then become the targets, the KPI’s that everyone works towards and these in turn
  • promote ways of working, processes, systems or behaviours that hinder rather than facilitate people, and therefore the organisation, from being the best they can possibly be

Added to that, many organisations stop at the measurement and then don’t change anything so it’s no surprise that nothing ever really changes.

Customers Buy Benefits Not Net Promoter Scores
In our experience over the last twenty five years, it is evident to us that customers or service users are not interested in an organisation’s NPS score, or a customer satisfaction figure, as there is no benefit to them whatever the score is, nor for that matter do they do engage with an organisation to help it make profits or have happy employees. What they want is for the organisation to deliver the benefits it says it’s going to deliver, the benefit they chose to buy, when they want it. It’s that simple.

At Halo, we help organisations identify and then measure these benefits.  These are the input measures that drive the output measures such as customer satisfaction or NPS.  Without understanding what these benefits or input measures are, it’s almost impossible just by focusing on the output measures to know how to make the changes to an organisation that will make the positive difference customers want. That’s not to say that these output measures should be disregarded but put simply, the more consistently an organisation delivers its business benefits the better the service will be, and therefore the higher the customer satisfaction, NPS figure or whatever numbers are used to measure the output.

We use a tried and tested research based approach working with the leadership and teams from across the whole organisation (yes, because unlike my story from earlier, everyone has a part to play) as well as engaging with customers to establish what these benefits are and how to drive them in organisations. We also offer on-going help and support, tailored to your specific needs.

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