Trust and Confidence, the Rest is all Detail


When we thought customer satisfaction or net promoter (likelihood to recommend) were the most important scores, life was simple, and often this was all that is asked.  However, we have found that neither of these measures actually drives better service or greater profit or efficiency.  We know it is trust and confidence which do, so how do we measure these?

First, dissection (but not the messy type)

Trust and confidence look different for each organisation so one size rarely fits all, which is why a level of dissection is needed.  This needs to be done with the service delivery and leadership teams.  The service delivery people know what makes a difference, the leadership team know what they want to achieve and it is in the melding of these objectives where the core components of trust and confidence can be found. We have developed exercises and question sets to find these points out and they are based around the key questions of:  What do we do and how do we want people to feel?

What do we do?

This sounds such a simple question but with the layers of complexity and stuff which organisations wrap themselves in, it is often anything but.  There is a simple three step process which is below.

Article Mar17

In practice this means keeping the end result in mind

The best way to do this is to measure and reward on the benefit to the customer rather than the number of transactions carried out.  When organisations use their annual reports to show how this has been understood and measured successfully then it will be clear that the organisation is fully committed to service and delivering fully on their promises to customers.  If this is done consistently, it drives service, profitability (if that is an aim) and efficiency.  It is cheaper, better and more fulfilling for everyone if the focus is on the end benefit, but it does mean the focus on command and control measures would need to be dropped.  There are some great ways of measuring out there, it just needs to be focused on the right things and when this happens we will see far more match fit organisations truly delivering their core purpose. They will be the successful ones of tomorrow.

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