How to make 2019 work for you


Being a researcher gives privileged access to thinking, ideas and wisdom which each year we piece together to suggest the trends for the coming year. In the last year we have seen some scrappy business and public decisions overshadow the extremely good work being done and 2019 is the year where this good work needs to shine.

The three key trends we see for this year are different ways of being and how these need to be applied for organisations to succeed.  Too often, the senior people in organisations, and this includes the UK Government, appear to have strived for glory when possibly they were either not up to it, or that was not what was required.  We see 2019 as a year when solid progress needs to be made, and those who do this will be rewarded, possibly not in 2019, as there may not be many prizes being handed out this year, but certainly in 2020 and beyond.

The Trends Are: 

  • Challenge:  The enormous gaps between the top and the workforce in organisations have meant that some senior people have God like status, whereas those who actually know what is happening are so junior, they either don’t feel they have a voice or are not allowed a voice.  This has meant that healthy challenge has not always functioned as it should to build a solid foundation for an organisation.  This has to change.  Organisations need to find ways to allow challenge, reward it and make it an everyday part of life.  This does not mean whistle blowing, if it gets to that stage the organisation has failed, this is about every member of staff feeling able, and confident enough to offer challenge as and where it is needed.
  • Fairness:  There have been some horror stories about how loyal, hard-working and competent members of staff and contractors have been treated over the last few years.  We tend to think of the expression “It’s not fair” as something of a sign of weakness, however good organisations are fair, and this is fair in the eyes of everyday folk, rather than the small print of some legal document.  Fairness is what makes people nod, and agree, and we mean everyone, not just those who are paid to agree.  In our heart, we know what is fair and what is not, so aligned to the above trend, fairness is what feels right and if it doesn’t then the organisations with people throughout them who are open to challenge are the ones that are setting themselves up to win in 2019 and beyond.
  • Fortune Favours the Brave:  This is the key to success to see out the decade.  Playing safe for some organisations is likely to produce the opposite result as many of the “safe” options have been proved to be less than useful.  Brave in this context is about pushing yourself, looking beyond the obvious, listening to the challengers who are least likely to tell you what you want to hear. In a sporting context now is the time to adjust your swing.  Why?  Because growth is going to be tough this year, so grow yourself and your organisation’s thinking and behaviour if you can’t grow sales and reach.  What you learn and practice now will be invaluable in the much more exciting times that are coming soon, so you, and your organisation needs to be ready.

The team at Halo are pretty excited about 2019 and putting these trends into practice.  We are always keen to talk about how organisations can use new thinking to improve theirs and their teams lot, so if you would like a conversation please do call us.

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This is the time to make a difference.  If you want to talk about how your organisation, or just your part of the organisation can use this thinking to start identifying and then measuring the benefits of the ‘why’ of what you do in order to become better, more efficient and to enjoy what you do even more, then please do get in touch.